In the transportation industry your high-level goal is bringing goods from an origin point to destination in the same condition it left. You know that there are many complex factors that go into this, such as proximity, available resources, and cost analysis, often leading to the need for partnerships or outsourcing. Marks Logistics is a familiar and trusted provider of transportation services for over 90 years. We have a vast network of allies and business partners expertly managed by our industry experts located at our Boston area headquarters. Offering a wide range of services including TSA approved drivers, Alcohol & Haz-Mat capabilities and liftgate & pallet jacks at no extra cost for non-LTL shipments, we have the experience and expertise to help you with any move. Marks Logistics also offers a customized Exclusive Use program through our sister company, TruckCourier, providing you with a driver and vehicle for as many hours or days as needed. Our customers rely on this when drivers are on vacation or when they find themselves needing to outsource their transport operations. For locations in New England our sister company, TruckCourier offers same-day direct LTL freight services. From ocean freight to air freight, rail to over-the-road – we will work with you to get your freight exactly where it needs to be.

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